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Studio Tour Edition 2010

In This Issue:

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   Fresh and Fun Designs to be Unveiled Oct 1-3



          Fresh and Fun Designs to be Unveiled Oct 1-3

 Endless creativity and fresh ideas will be on offer during the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour next weekend (Oct 1, 2, and 3) Take a look!


Elsa is shown here, working on a new series of "Wallpaper Treasure Boxes". The textured surface is incised with various carving tools to look like striped wallpaper. Fun fan-shaped knobs adorn the top. Various sizes ranging in height from 6" to 10".


She has created a limited number of these labour intensive pieces for the tour.


Paul has been working on new Salt Glazed pots. Here's the before shot of the firing! To see the finished pots, we suggest you get to the studio early next weekend!


Before Image of the Salt Kiln    Salt Glazed Jar by Paul Kaye

Many of you are familiar with our Horse Hair Raku vessels. Here's a lovely spin on that technique which we're sure you'll find equally enticing. Feather vases!
Various sizes and shapes, fired using real feathers.

Feather Vases by Elsa


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Elsa at work


Elsa firing Horse Hair vessels

Elsa firing with Horse Hair


Feather Vessel




For the Engineers on the Tour


Paul will be on hand all weekend to explain the fascinating chemistry and mechanical aspects involved in the making of our pottery. A huge hit with all those who like the 'details' of how we do what we do.


  • See Paul's new 'double-kiln': two kilns that share the same chimney.
  • Discuss his recent trip to Cobalt, Ontario to collect raw materials for glazes.
  • Walk through the steps and the equipment that transform raw clay into the smooth workable material we use in the studio, and rocks and minerals into glazes.

Whether it's your love of art or an interest in the process, ...Studio Tour weekend is the perfect time to make the trip.

Hill Tile Company
Here is an historic image of Hill Tile Company,

the original source of our terracotta clay. Image courtesy of the Hill Family.

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Clay Filter Press

Clay Filterpress



Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher used to crush raw clay and minerals


Our Guest Artists...Exceptional and Innovative


Andrea has recently opened an Encaustic School, called "The Hive", located in the Old Alton Mill. If you've ever considered taking a class, Andrea would be happy to discuss what's being offered. You'll also get a close-up look at her latest work ...always insightful and inspirational.








Christine's work is unforgettable. Rich textures coordinated with contemporary designs really make her decor pieces stand out. Shown below is her "Tree Clock", a modern take on the mantel clock concept. The Autumn Leaves Studio Tour is the only event Christine participates in. Take this opportunity to meet the artist and discuss her work face to face.




Tree Clock by Bibelot Design






New jewelry designs are Jenn's strength. Her passion fuels her creativity for what she does. Pendants, bracelets, cuffs and earrings. Over the last year Jenn has also used titanium for some of her pendants like the "Global Perspective" Pendant shown below. Also shown are Fabulous Fern earrings and her Oval Swirl pendant.


Global Perspective PendantFern EarringsOval Swirl Pendant


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Present, by Andrea Bird
Present - Andrea Bird - 2010©







Bibelot Design
Bird Ornaments - Christine McGrath, Bibelot Design







Bamboo Pendant - Just Perfect Designs
Oval Bamboo Pendant


Fall Hours and Show Schedule


If you're heading up to the studio to shop in the showroom this fall you'll be happy to know we will continue to be open 7 days a week, 10 am to 5 pm. However, on occasion the Mount Forest showroom we will be closed, see the schedule below. To be sure to catch us, it's best to call ahead or drop us an email.



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