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Summer 2010

In This Issue:

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   Updates, Events and Happenings

   New Designs, plus What You've Been Asking For.

   Summer Workshops Filling Up! Register Now.

   A quick note about the HST.


          Updates, Events and Happenings

     You will see a new face when you visit the studio this summer. We are happy to have Suzie Florence as our Studio Assistant. She is currently attending OCAD in Toronto and, lucky for us, she's back home in Mount Forest and eager to get her hands dirty in the studio. Be sure to say hello when you stop in.


     Three great happenings this summer to consider:


     1. Canada Day, Eh! is an annual celebration held at WildThings Plant Farm. It takes place July 1st - 3rd. Meet Paul Zammit on Thursday, July 1st...those of you who are big into the garden scene will have heard of Paul. He is an energetic, entertaining and knowledgeable speaker on all things gardening. Follow the links to get more info. Our pottery will be for sale throughout the 3-day event, displayed between the lovely feature gardens. The Queen's Bush Bistro will also be on site with delicious treats available.


    2.  Art on the Street in Downtown Guelph Later in July, Elsa will exhibit in Guelph at this annual fair. It takes place one day only, July 17th (10am-5pm) A wonderful array of art, music and entertainment in the heart of the city. The downtown streets will be filled with a wide range of art and artisan works, for this pedestrian friendly event.


     3. The Butter Tart Trail takes place all summer long. You can take in the tour while you're in the Mount Forest area. It's a fun day trip with friends to combine with your visit to Night & Day Studio.


     All of these events are free!
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Suzie Florence-Night & Day Studio Studio Assistant



Canadian Flag





Reclusive Heron 

      For you nature lovers and birders, our resident Green Heron has returned! His characteristic call is more like a loud 'squawk' and he has a distinctive sneaky walk along the edge of our pond, as he hunts for minnows. He really is a beauty and we are so fortunate to have him choose our pond to reside in each year. Bring along your camera on your next visit to the studio.
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Green Heron


Going the extra mile for you!

     Paul has just returned from Northern Ontario with a focus on gathering ores containing Cobalt...a metallic mineral that produces vibrant blues in our glazes.

After a serendipitous encounter with a bear, and having the good sense to head to a motel for the night, Paul met some very friendly Cobalt residents. With their help, Paul was able to quickly find what he was looking for the next day.

     The raw cobalt ores will now be crushed, roasted, and ground to a very fine powder for use in our glazes.

This completes the list of "local" materials we've been searching for. We are confident that our passion for creating pottery this way becomes yours.


     Plan to attend the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour to see for yourself!


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cobalt blue


Back to school!

     Elsa is off to Mohawk College in July to participate in a fantastic hands-on course in Architectural Ceramics. It's being taught by Peter King of StoneHaus Ceramics- Pensacola, Florida. Elsa has been a fan of Peter's work for over a decade and has been eager to take this workshop for many years.

     Look for some great things to come once she puts what she's learned into practice. Hmmmm... I think there may be some large outdoor sculptures being designed in the near future.


     Until then, become a fan of Night & Day Studio on Facebook where you'll see posts and images of the workshop progressions.

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Peter King Architectural Ceramics

New Designs, plus
What You've Been Asking For.


     Check out throughout the month of July. We will be adding new work regularly including the latest addition " Simplicity Vases". These are one of Elsa's original designs. They are wheel thrown and glazed in fun colours. Each piece beautifully displays a single flower stem. Check out this link for colour options and more information.

     Gorgeous mugs have arrived!

People always seem to be asking for our mugs. Paul has just finished up a run of mugs fresh from the salt kiln.

This was a particularly beautiful firing with lots of luscious "orange peel" surface and rich colours.

A selection of only the best will be posted in the online store. is where you'll find a selection of all our pottery styles. It's easy to navigate, with a great image zoom feature that will give you a very clear look at every aspect of the piece you're buying.

     Of course, you will always find a great selection of work in our showroom .

We are open 7 days a week throughout the summer months. As always, if time allows, we'd be happy to give you a quick pottery demo or go over the making process with you when you visit.



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Salt Glazed Mugs


Summer Workshops Filling Up! Register Now.


     Our August workshops are starting to fill up. Those of you who have attended one of our classes in the past know how much fun they are. A great little diversion and a great way for friends to spend some time together. You can register online to secure your spot in any of the following workshops. Click on the workshop name to get more info.


     Full Day Raku Immersion - August 7

     Mythical Garden Mask Workshop - August 14 (only a few spots left)

     Terracotta Bird House or Bird Feeder Workshop - August 21

     Technical Pointers Workshop - August 28


     Consider purchasing our Complete Get-Away package and pamper yourself. A wonderful stay in an historic B&B, plus incredible fine dining, paired with a fun pottery workshop. Doesn't that sound good? We've even included a trip to WildThings Plant Farm with two of our garden related workshops! It's a mini retreat.





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Mythical Garden Spirit Mask

Mythical Garden Mask Workshop

Queen's Bush Bistro

The Queen's Bush Bistro

Mieklejohn House B&B

Mieklejohn House B&B

A quick note about the HST...

     The HST goes into effect July 1st. Here at Night & Day Studio most things will stay the same. When you buy our pottery the same amount of tax will be applied as before but instead of showing 5% GST and 8% PST, your receipt will list only one tax for 13%. That's the good news.

     With our classes however the tax rate will change to the full HST, from the previous GST only. This is a new change that we'll all have to make.
     Please see the accompanying graphic for clarification.

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