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Studio Tour Edition-Fall 2011                       

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   Try your hand at it!



  Try your hand at it!


Autumn Leaves Studio Tour 2011 - Sept 30, Oct 1-2


Join us during tour weekend ( 10am-5pm daily) for an adventure into the world of clay.

We enjoy taking the time to describe the making process and the grass roots methods we use in creating our pottery and sculptures. Elsa will be demonstrating the magic of Architectural Ceramic sculpture as she works on a new piece. Paul is always open to sharing his vast knowledge on how local materials can be used in the making process, from local clays to rocks and minerals which can be crushed and used as components in glazes.

We will have a Play With Clay station set up where you can get your hands dirty and give it a try. We'll provide everything you need, including an apron to keep yourself clean! You'll gain a new appreciation for the artistry and science behind the work that you see in our showroom and will have learned some interesting facts to share when you get home.

There will be a wonderful selection of our various styles of work for you to purchase and treasure. Some of the things you'll see:

  • rich terracotta garden elements; planters, canetoppers, toad houses, garden markers and the 'must have'...pot feet
  • wood fired salt glazed uncommon and wonderful style of functional pottery, both beautiful and durable
  • raku fired tiles, candle holders, whimsical accents and bud vases...always unusual
  • horse hair and feather raku works...Elsa has continued to explore this primitive firing method and will also be unveiling some encaustic/clay works for the first time
  • ...and last but not least...our two fantastic guest artists will be on hand to show you their work and discuss how it is that they do what they do (scroll down for a preview)



Sounds interesting doesn't it? Now all you'll need to do is visit the tour's website and plan the rest of your studio tour.
Details and a full map available at the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour website.

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Jennifer Nicholson-Guest Artist


Meet Jennifer Nicholson of Just Perfect Designs.

Her jewelry is all handcrafted using solid sterling silver, copper and even titanium!

Jennifer has always been artistic, ...drawing and painting, but had originally pursued a career in Food Science, graduating from University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree.  She worked in the industry for several years, but she could  no longer ignore the call of the artist inside her. After taking a night class on Silversmithing in 2004, she knew that she had found her passion!

She soaked up as much about the process as she could and started creating her own collection of hand-cut sterling jewellery.  She cuts everything by hand with a jeweller's saw (and uses many blades in the process), hand polishes and assembles each and every piece. 

Her designs are original, created by the artist's hand and born of her imagination, love of nature, and quirky sense of humour.


Commissions welcome.


Waterloo, Ontario






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Jane Longstaffe-Guest Artist


Well known local artist, Jane Longstaffe has been making art since she first painted on her mother's walls. 

She has explored many art mediums since than and found her true love in the form of welded steel sculpture.  What draws her to work in metal is the diversity of the material.  One of her goals is to challenge the image of steel as a hard, cold, rigid medium.  Another is to explore the flexibility of steel by using it in unconventional ways.  Sometimes she draws on her background as a weaver to translate fabric designs and texture into metal sculpture. 


Each of Jane's works begins with an idea, but the outcome is directed by the piece itself. And always, ...Jane's goal is to have fun.


Commissions welcome.


Holstein, ON



Jane Longstaffe

Jane Longstaffe










Jane Longstaffe Jane Longstaffe

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You Could Win!


We've got a special treat for our VIP's...that means you!


Print out this BALLOT and bring it with you to the tour and you will have a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes!

  1. $50 gift certificate from Night & Day Studio plus a Fusion Cookbook
  2. Hammered Copper Gingko Pendant on leather chain, by Jennifer Nicholson
  3. Apple Sculpture by Jane Longstaffe

VIP Ballot Link

The rules

  • to keep it ballot per household please
  • receive additional ballots with any purchase from Night & Day Studio, Jennifer Nicholson (Just Perfect Designs), or Jane Longstaffe
  • receive additional ballots when you make a donation to Camp Quality (donation box on site)







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$50 Gift Certificate


Fusion Cooks Cookbook


Ginko Leaf Copper Pendant by Just Perfect Designs


Jane Longstaffe-Apple



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