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Spring 2011

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   Spring is here, Easter and Mother's Day are around the corner



  Spring is here, Easter and Mother's Day are around the corner


Yippy, the snow has finally melted, the Painted Turtles are sunning themselves next to the pond and the spring bulbs are stretching out of the earth after a long sleep.
Now that the roads are bare and dry, take a drive to visit us here at the studio. Check out our spring selection of beautiful salt glazed pottery. Paul has some great teapots fresh from the kiln. Hmmmm...wouldn't that be a great gift for Mom?? Or maybe she'd like one of our Horse hair pendants or earrings...each pendant different from the next.



At this time of year, you'll find the studio and showroom open weekends (and most weekdays too). Looking for something special? Give us a call 519-323-4222 or toll free 1-888-383-CLAY

Easter weekend we will be open both Saturday, April 23 and Sunday, April 24th but we'll be closed Good Friday.



If you're looking for something fun to do on Mother's Day weekend, come to the studio, and then head over to see our friends at WildThings for their annual Trillium Festival...hike the trails and take some great pictures of Trillium, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Wild Ginger, Soloman's Seal, Trout Lily, Marsh Marigold...and maybe get a new plant or two for the garden at home??? I don't know about you but I'm just itching to get into my flower beds!

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Salt Glazed Teapots by Paul Kaye

Horse Hair Raku Pendant by Elsa Mann

Trilliums in Bloom at WildThings Plant Farm

A great show of nature takes place at WildThings, Mother's Day weekend.

 Trillium Festival, May 7 & 8, 2011





On the Road Again...


Elsa hits the road this month. You can see our newest selection of raku works by attending one of the following. Click through for details and maps. Note: These sales help support the great work done by these two cooperatives.


Waterloo Potter's Guild Spring Sale - April 15th to 17th
Waterloo Recreation Complex, 101 Father David Bauer Drive, Waterloo, Ontario


Potter's Guild of Hamilton and Region- April 29th to May 1st (held in Dundas)
Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre, 10 Market Street South, Dundas, Ontario (corner of King and Market Streets)

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Architectural Sculpture Debut


Elsa unveiled her first large scale sculpture this winter! This stoneware sculpture was a key component of the feature gardens at the Stratford Garden Festival in March.


Countless hours of design, sculpting, glazing, firing and assembly went in to making this 5 ft high fountain. Large leaves stretch across each side and water is pumped through the hollow sculpture, quietly cascading over the leaves.


Inspired and eager to apply what she learned at the Peter King Architectural Ceramic Sculpture workshop she attended last summer, Elsa challenged her creativity and the limitations of her studio space with this piece! (This piece is for sale. Contact us for details and pricing.)


One of the best attributes of this method of sculpting is that it can winter outdoors, which makes it a great option for garden sculpture and outdoor signs. If you would like a quote on a sign or a sculpture, contact the studio and request an appointment to discuss the options.


Commissions welcome. Free initial design consultation.












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BYOW (Build your own Workshop)


So, you know how you have that special group of friends that love to get together and try new things. Consider coming to the studio for a workshop. We've put together an 'a la cart' menu of workshops and add-ons to make a great day of it! You put the group together, decide on a workshop and we take care of the rest.

In addition to a great workshop we can take care of lunch, insert a hike along our neighbouring trails, book your accommodation if you'd like to stay over, or end the day with a pizza party using our amazing wood-fired pizza oven. Pick your add-ons and we'll provide you with a quote per person.


Click through to our Classes page and see what combinations work best for you and your group. We have hosted all sorts of groups: family, friends, co-workers and team-building groups and of course special occasion groups like birthdays and showers.




As always, if you have an idea for something a bit different, give us a call to discuss it. 519-323-4222 Toll free 1-888-383-2529






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