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Summer 2011

In This Issue:

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   Toad Tales



  Toad Tales


Anyone who works hard to manage pests in their garden could use some pesticide-free help. Think toads!

Given a comfortable place to stay cool in the heat of summer, toads can be encouraged to stay in your flower beds and manage to eat a great deal of creepy crawlies and unwanted flying things... things that damage your favourite plants etc.


What's the difference between a frog and a toad? Here is a chart to show some of the physical differences between frogs and toads taken from Adopt-a-Pond

Warty, dry skin
Short legs
Wide waists
Enlarged poison glands on neck
HOP along the ground

Smooth, moist skin
Long legs
Small waists
No enlarged poison glands
LEAP in the air


A fun addition to our garden ware this year are these terracotta Toad Houses. $25 ea. Very reasonable accommodations for your resident amphibians!



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American Toad






Various styles currently available in the showroom.


For the Birds...


I can't tell you how much enjoyment we get from our resident family of House Wrens. Their song is unmistakable and at times so joyous it is hard to believe it comes from such a little creature. Hanging a bird house in a setting that is comfortable for the birds AND one that provides a good vantage point to watch the comings and goings of these busy parents, is rewarding all round.


Our birdhouses are often inhabited by Wrens, Nuthatches, and Chickadees due to the nature of our treed property. Our customers have had several other types of small song birds move in as well. The size of the hole and design features lend itself to this size of bird. The agile small song bird finds this style of house just right. $55 ea.


If you are an avid birder, a trip to the studio this summer could also reward you with a glimpse of our annual visitor to the pond. Our beautiful Green Heron has returned! This shy heron is absolutely stunning to look at and fascinating to watch.






House Wren


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Green Heron

Summer Time Events and Activities


Canada Day Eh! Garden Party

Can it really be Canada Day already!!! I'm predicting sun and warm temperatures for the weekend. So why not join us at WildThings Plant Farm for their annual Canada Day Eh! Garden Party. Artists will be displaying their works throughout the beautiful plants and gardens, music will be playing and delicious lunches will be served by the Queen's Bush Bistro. In addition to our pottery, you will be introduced to the stunning photographic works by Cliff Smith (click here for a sample!) and the delightful works of Reclamation including Lucien's famous Bat Boxes. For directions to the event being held Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2 click on the WildThings logo.






Art on the Street - Guelph

July 16th is a big day for us! Each year we participate in a great downtown art fair called Art on the Street held in downtown Guelph. A fabulous array of art fills the street while everyone leaves their vehicles behind to walk the show. Plus, fun for the kids, music and food. A collaborative effort between the Downtown Business Association and the Guelph Arts Council makes this one of our favourite shows to exhibit in. One day only, so get yourself downtown Guelph on July 16th.


Event runs from 10am until 5pm. Click on the Art on the Street image for more info.








Mount Forest Fireworks Festival

Also on July 16th we recommend you bring out the whole family to attend one of the best festivals in the province! Events take place all weekend and Saturday night everyone enjoys the spectacular fireworks display, set to music and just awesome to watch. Details for all the events taking place in Mount Forest this weekend can be found by clicking here or by clicking on the festival image. We include this in our newsletter because we think it's a great festival for you to attend and want you to spread the word. Maybe we'll see you there! The studio is open 10-5 that weekend so feel free to come by if you're coming up for the fireworks.





Autumn Leaves Studio Tour 2011 - SAVE THE DATE

It's not too early to mark it on the calendar. Always held the weekend before Thanksgiving this tour is in its 18th year. Each year our patrons tell us how impressed they are with the caliber of artists and we agree. This is a juried tour and each stop on this three day tour is sure to inspire you and tempt you to take a piece home! Tour dates for 2011 are Sep 30- Oct 1 and Oct 2     10am-5pm daily

Details at the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour website.







Canada Day, Eh! Garden Party

Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2


















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A Distinctive and Worthy Resting Place


Although difficult, death and loss is natural and inevitable. We will all experience it at some point in our lives. When we're young, we might lose a beloved cat or loyal dog or unfortunately experience the loss of a grandparent.


As we enter our adult years, we face the loss of a family members and may be required to make decisions about funeral details or cremation, at a time when grief is front and centre. There is very little that can prepare us for this task but we go about it and do the best we can. Gathering information is the first step.


Many of you may not know that we have been creating cremation urns at Night & Day Studio for over 12 years. It began with sporadic requests for urns or boxes but today has become something that we do on a regularly basis. Some people arrive at our door in search of a finished urn to use immediately. Others request a custom vessel that depicts characteristics of the pet or individual it will hold. And others plan ahead and commission a vessel that will ultimately be used at the time of their own passing. What we hear most from these people is that they are looking for something special, that is not commercial but handcrafted and more and more people are insisting on something made in Canada.


With everyone who is searching for an urn, we assist in finding the right vessel for your needs...something distinctive and worthy of the individual it represents. When creating pet urns, we can incorporate a small image or lock of your pet's fur, or when creating an urn for your family member, we might include a locket or other memento that has special meaning for you. You can choose from a single urn, keepsake urns or companion urns. We keep a number of vessels on hand at all times but also meet with individuals to design custom urns, boxes, and vessels. Contact us should you wish to discuss these options.1-888-383-2529

Appointments can be arranged outside of regular hours for convenience and privacy.







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