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Consider working with Night and Day Studio to design that special piece you've been thinking of.

Our most popular service involves firing raku pieces using horsehair provided by the customer. This makes for a very special keepsake of your horse or a meaningful gift for your "horse" friends. See options in our online store or contact us to create that perfect piece.

Over the last 10 plus years, we have created all manner of custom works. Tiled tables, accent tiles, or custom pottery incorporating your logo...the possibilities are endless.


Please contact us to discuss your idea.



ideas and samples

Custom Planters incorporating company logo: Flora, Kate's Garden, Gardener's Journal TV program hosted by Kathy Renwald.

Custom planters created for various garden businesses including this attractive Long Tom planter for Kathy Renwald's HGTV program - The Gardener's Journal

Close up - Custom Tiled Bistro Table
Custom bistro table created given by a groom to his bride to celebrate their new beginning. The intersecting tile work represents their two lives becoming entwined.

Custom Bistro Table with Hand Forged Base

The hand forged iron base was created by David McCord of Elora, Ontario, to Elsa's specifications.

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