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Elsa Mann and Paul Kaye have been fulltime potters since the mid-90’s. Their partnership in business and in life, has been exciting and rewarding.

With varied styles and interests between them, the works created at Night and Day Studio is ever-evolving, and is well known as being well executed, and innovative.

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Paul Kaye
Paul initially began his pottery career creating classic terracotta garden planters and accents. These pots quickly became popular with backyard gardeners, master gardeners and gardening personalities throughout Ontario and Canada.


In 2007, Paul turned his energies to his long-standing passion for salt glazed pottery. Clearing a sizable area at the Mount Forest studio, and building a 50-cu. Ft wood-fired kiln, Paul was finally able to return to saltglaze. The starting point for his love of salt was while attending the ceramics program at Sheridan College.


Today, Paul creates a limited number of terracotta planters each year, as his main focus involves the design of artistic and functional salt glazed dinnerware. The orange-peel textured surfaces and warm flashes of tawny browns, are characteristic of this involved method of pottery making.

Elsa Mann

Elsa’s potting career began initially as a past time, but quickly grew into a full- fledged obsession. She is primarily a self-taught potter, who’s spent many years focusing her attention on raku pottery, and using raku fired works in non-traditional ways. Early on, she began using tiles with rich copper sheens for table-top surfaces, fireplace surrounds and wall accents.


Her most recent fascination, horse-hair raku pottery, resembles the look of exotic wood or marble. Incorporating the crackled glazed effects of American raku, together with her horse-hair techniques, Elsa continues to create a style of pottery that is truly her own, and pieces that are definitely outside of the norm.


In addition to horse-hair vessels, Elsa creates numerous raku pieces with characteristic copper sheens and bright crackled glazed surfaces. The spontaneity of the firing process continues to give each pot that she creates, its own unique identity.

They participate annually in the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour, and the Wellington North, Butter Tart Trail.

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Their work has been featured in Gardening Life Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, Ontario Gardener, Canadian Gardening, City TV’s Cityline, The Gardener’s Journal , Calling All Gardeners, Just Ask Jon Eake’s and Sue Warden’s -Creative Decor.

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